[Extracted from DiVA, the publication database at KTH.]

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Rotational hyperspectral scanner and related image reconstruction algorithm.
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Experimental demonstration of 50-m/5-Gbps underwater optical wireless communication with low-complexity chaotic encryption.
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Multi-AI competing and winning against humans in iterated Rock-Paper-Scissors game.
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Implications of Incident Power Density Limits on Power and EIRP Levels of 5G Millimeter-Wave User Equipment.
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A Low-Profile Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Antenna With an AMC Reflector for 5G Communications.
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Colossal Enhancement of Near-Field Thermal Radiation Across Hundreds of Nanometers between Millimeter-Scale Plates through Surface Plasmon and Phonon Polaritons Coupling.
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Ultra-stable near-infrared Tm3+-doped upconversion nanoparticles for in vivo wide-field two-photon angiography with a low excitation intensity.
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Two-Photon Luminescence and Second Harmonic Generation of Single Layer Molybdenum Disulphide Nanoprobe for Nonbleaching and Nonblinking Optical Bioimaging.
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Omnidirectional Conformal Cloak Without Geometrical Dispersion.
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