[Extracted from DiVA, the publication database at KTH.]

Caputo, B.; Wallraven, C.; Nilsback, M. (2004):
Object categorization via local kernels.
[Conference paper] 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) Location: British Machine Vis Assoc, Cambridge, ENGLAND Date: AUG 23-26, 2004; PROCEEDINGS OF THE 17TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN RECOGNITION, VOL 2 132-135 [Details]
Nilsback, M.; Caputo, B. (2004):
Cue integration through discriminative accumulation.
[Conference paper] Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Location: Washington, DC Date: JUN 27-JUL 02, 2004; PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2004 IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER VISION AND PATTERN RECOGNITION, VOL 2 578-585 [Details]