[Extracted from DiVA, the publication database at KTH.]

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Granska API – an Online API forGrammar Checking and Other NLP Services.
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Comparing manual text patterns and machine learning for classification of e-mails for automatic answering by a government agency.
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Older versions of the ROUGEeval summarization evaluation system were easier to fool.
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Language Technology for the Lazy - Avoiding Work by Using Statistics and Machine Learning.
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Vad kan statistik avslöja om svenska sammansättningar?.
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Unsupervised evaluation of parser robustness.
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Finding the correct interpretation of Swedish compounds, a statistical approach.
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Grammar checking for Swedish second language learners.
Chapter in book [Details]
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Automatic Evaluation of Robustness and Degradation in Tagging and Parsing.
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Navigating Through Summary Space - Selecting Summaries, Not Sentences.
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