[Extracted from DiVA, the publication database at KTH.]

Djurfeldt, M.; Lundqvist, M.; Johansson, C.; Rehn, M.; Ekeberg, Ö.; Lansner, A. (2008):
Brain-scale simulation of the neocortex on the IBM Blue Gene/L  supercomputer.
IBM Journal of Research and Development 52: 31-41 [Details]
Lansner, A.; Johansson, C. (2005):
A Mean Field Approximation of BCPNN.
Report [Details]
Djurfeldt, M.; Johansson, C.; Ekeberg, Ö.; Rehn, M.; Lundqvist, M.; Lansner, A. (2005):
Massively parallel simulation of brain-scale neuronal network models.
Report [Details]