[Extracted from DiVA, the publication database at KTH.]

Jimenez, R. (2013):
Distributed Peer Discovery in Large-Scale P2P Streaming Systems - Addressing Practical Problems of P2P Deployments on the Open Internet.
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary [Details]
Osmani, F.; Grishchenko, V.; Jimenez, R.; Knutsson, B. (2012):
Swift - The missing link between peer-to-peer and information-centric networks.
[Conference paper] 1st Workshop on P2P and Dependability, P2P-Dep'12 - In Conjunction with 9th European Dependable Computing Conference, EDCC 2012; Sibiu; 8 May 2012 through 8 May 2012; Proceeding P2P-Dep '12 Proceedings of the First Workshop on P2P and Dependability 4 [Details]
Jimenez, R. (2011):
Kademlia on the Open Internet - How to Achieve Sub-Second Lookups in a Multimillion-Node DHT Overlay.
Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Osmani, F.; Knutsson, B. (2011):
Sub-Second Lookups on a Large-Scale Kademlia-Based Overlay.
[Conference paper] 11th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing 2011 (P2P’11); 11th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing 2011 (P2P’11) 82-91 [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Eriksson, L.; Knutsson, B. (2009):
P2P-NEXT - Technical and legal challenges.
[Conference paper] Sixth Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop and Ninth Scandinavian Workshop on Wireless Adhoc Networks; [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Osmani, F.; Knutsson, B. (2009):
Connectivity Properties of Mainline BitTorrent DHT Nodes.
[Conference paper] 9th International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing Seattle, WA, SEP 09-11, 2009; 2009 IEEE NINTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PEER-TO-PEER COMPUTING (P2P 2009) 262-270 [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Knutsson, B. (2008):
CTracker - a Distributed BitTorrent Tracker Based on Chimera.
[Conference paper] eChallenges 2008; Collaboration and the Knowledge Economy 941-947 [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Kreitz, G.; Knutsson, B.; Isaksson, M.; Haridi, S. ():
Integrating Smartphones in Spotify's Peer-Assisted Music Streaming Service.
Manuscript (preprint) [Details]
Jimenez, R.; Bakker, A.; Knutsson, B.; Pouwelse, J.; Haridi, S. ():
Tribler Mobile - P2P Video Streaming from and to Mobile Devices.
Manuscript (preprint) [Details]